Friday, 6 January 2012

Pirate Hunting *drool* !!!

Pirates activities are very rampant on the sea these days! There must be something we can do to kill them all!! We Bounty Hunters have a duty for the society to hunt these pirates!! We must protect the civilians!

Reward : 1 Billion Ducats

Rumors has it that a ruthless pirate named ARMOUR or his former name MetalicA: The Dark MusicMan has been going rampage near Azores Island. Many traders from Caribbean Sea stopping here to restock their ships were attacked and robbed. Curiously, the main things being robbed were music items such as Music Drum, Guitar Kapok, ... and yeah some lyric notes and magazines ROTTW .

PAT : " Oh Man, our 15th century music will be lost in history if it continues to be like this !!
 This is a MAJOR Issue !! "

My nakama and I put our heads together to discuss the best tactics for the battle against pirates.
What to do next?

Farewell my love, the Mother of my child. If I die on the battle, I die of honour. Do not shed tears of unhappiness. Wear pride on your sleeves.. I go as a warrrior. Your everlasting love is my strength in those life threatening moments.. Farewell my dear heart ...

NPC : " Err.. I think you got wrong wife ... "

Golden Horde Bounty Hunters Vs Golden Hind Pirate Begins !!

PAT : " Stick Together Team !! "

Tun Perak : " Affirmative "

Truehart : " Roger That "

Battousai : " Fire in the Hole  !! "

Shanks : " Negative, there is no hole sir !! "

The battle was furious, we were outnumbered but our faith and strength were overwhelming! We captured the leader ARMOUR and seized him in the Impel Down Prisons !!

When I locked him up, he said something to me ..

" You may thought that you are doing a good thing. Yes, you are, but really, are you doing what's best for the future? The world is changing, Mr. Shanks ... Justice will prevail when the labels of comdemning is set away. Justice lives deep in our hearts. Everyone think being a pirate is bad, but truly,  are they really bad or do they have a big reason for it ? "

" We ain't do no slack, Mr Shanks .. " He left with his head held up high, and walked towards the dark prison with one great smile ..
Something strange stirred in my heart .. and I wonder .. deeply.

We all have sworn brotherhood now and forever, to prevail justice no matter what the cost. As for now, we gather our strength as one and choose the best path that lead us to our unknown destiny.

But who knows what justice really means.

" The world is changing Mr. Shanks .... "

source : Netmarble website

So this is the requirement for Bounty Hunter Job :-

Spanish Language, First Aid R4, Evasion R4, Maritime Fame 4000, and a Change to Bodyguard Job.

Or you just can LEECH lol xD .. at least you got the level requirement ( Accumulate Total Level 36 )

Good Luck Bebeh !!!  xD

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Kraken Rocks the Ship!!

My company mates were visited by non other than the FEARSOME KRAKEN !! Battousai was just returning from a great training session from South America and Indonesia (yes, he sailed all around the world from Europe to there), learning Rank 2 techs.Some friends were around, so he decided to return with them.

 Little did he knew that his skill will further be tested by the kraken visit !


OMG! Just look at that HUGH kraken! Don't eat 'em !!!

Battousai :

"As my last test of skills, a kraken appeared in front of my ship !
However it was no match for my new battle moves! "


SSPLAAAAAATTT !! There you go , we had splendid Takoyaki Kraken Cuisine for dinner at ship's deck YUMMY !! xD

credit to Battousai @ Mr Kenshin Himura