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* Why Join Us ??!! *

The Benefit Of Vouch for Company Directors

  • Its Indoor Bazaar lol !! xD

  • Exchanging Real Favor on selected issues with Netmarble Corp by coming to a resolution on the memorandum made
  • Merchants Brotherhood Grand Meeting

  • 50% Cheaper All Items on Sale on GoldenHorde Company ( All-Type Cannons, Armor, Food, etc )
  • Chances to be Appointed as FUWOM® Senate Council
  • Special Privileges Company APM or Bazaar on Ships, Rare Items etc 
  • Demand WTS WTB WTT Any Ship or Items List
  • More than 100+ Companies View & Public Hits the blog
  • Fame Company Storyline for Publish Update
  • On List Specialized Supplier
  • Sponsorship Event
  • Merchants Brotherhood GiveAway Prizes & Reward

 *Rules & Regulations *

Procedures of Vouch and Becoming FUWOM® Members

  • Company Director
  • Got Company
  • Mailing all company members twice a month about the blog update
  • Optimize the participation of members in any FUWOM® event and current occasion
  • Ally & Ceasefire Agreement With GoldenHorde

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  1. hey great service you did today Shanks hats off to ya

  2. Thanks Shanks. If it werent for you help, I wouldnt have gotten my MAV.

    Red-Haired-Shanks does trading intermediations, for you guys who need help trading ships and such. Thanks again, sir!

  3. Peter_Blood of North_Sea_Company. This is nivlac, foreign affairs officer. you want us in our group bc you wont find a louder alchemist anywhere else. we strongly condemn multiboxing and cheating.

  4. iwant join... i QueenShanni..comp- Armada.. Director - serat