Tuesday, 22 November 2011

FUWOM® Prelude

A couple of weeks back, I met an adorable furry bear in Cairo. Well, actually it is an UWO Police but isn't that a really cute costume, just like the pumpkin head that I used to wear one time (I'm sure my friends would remember my cuteness with the charming pumpkin right? .. Ah I know I'm cute don't flatter me too much :P

Scammers in town..

Anyway, I'm getting sidetracked here. We were discussing about scammers in town, that even UWO top management couldn't do anything about it. It's pretty hard, as a scammer can easily delete his character after a false deal and make a new character. These scammers can even manage to reach high power leveling, up to level 30 for each class ( therefore we have to be careful and avoid any dealer with lower than 100 level when accumulated all classes , it's wayyy too risky bebeh !! )

I have posted a discussion thread in Netmarble forum to get the best advice from all seniors and UWO members on how best to deal with this situation. You can look up the discussion at this link http://tinyurl.com/shanksuggest. My idea is to create 1 public review to assess any name that you consider recommended and trustworthy to reduce the scamming activity. We want to get more security in dealing the big 5 ships or any items that is worth more than 100 million transactions.. Yeah it's a risky business but we need to sort this out efficiently !!

The Official Fellowship of UWO Merchants® or FUWOM® is a good start to gather all fellowship merchants and reunite to fight for this purpose. Most of all I need your advice and all of your support to make sure this really work.

Let's wrapped it up for now...

Not only recommended name can be sorted out , but it will be a guild of merchants that will decide what should the best price of each big 5 ships and look into how to improve the current transaction today. We can provide better solution for future transactions to Netmarble in rectifying the scammerism (is that even a word? lol) issues. We will somehow manage the market inflation & prevent from the ruin of future economic server issues, and any related matter in merchants view goes back and start with us first, how's that sound? :)

As this rate, WE ARE BECOMING THE NEW GOVERNMENT ! We welcome all the memorandums from all company's director which will be issued to the server management (Netmarble). Hopefully we will be able to exchange the issues for REAL favor and highlight suggestions between them and the public residency in all nations.

Aren't we going too serious lately ??!! Ahahaha :P

Click here For More Details :- http://uwomerchants.blogspot.com/p/fuwom_17.html

As the next step, we as a 1 unity fellowship merchants can find 1 date and 1 spot to discuss together about this. We have FUWOM as our base to all public review.. And yeah thats the dream we are starting today :)

Let's hear what your thoughts are! xD