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Unchartered Water Online Merchants®

Ah the serious part !! BORING !! :P
Here on this FUWOM® log , I will post the names of all the respected company director that I met in UWO that agreed to vouch for this Merchants Blog.

 Hats off to you, mateys!

Also included are the benefits of the vouch, the procedures to become FUWOM® members, the elections to become FUWOM® Senate Council and the latest Memorandums from all respected Company Directors. Let's also hear what Netmarble Group feedback says and other the Relevant Issues.

From time to time (make it monthly then ;P), other issues will be updated, such as the all-priced of Big 5 Ships and special items, the list of trusted Brokers FUWOM® Merchants, the list of Scammers and Case-Sensitive Name + Screenshot Link and the list of Great ShipBuilder in Town.

Hey, I only got one brain, couldn't think so hard so much xD So, why don't you guys pluck some of your genius brains out and tell us your awesome ideas here at FUWOM® and support us, yeah! 
And let's us just put aside a bit on the egoistic thing, either we just give up or do we want to live one more interesting day? This dude needs to be sorted out and need to start somewhere right? Combat ur faith bebeh !! That is the first thing to do !! :) 

List of Respected Company Directors in FUWOM® Vouch

ARMOUR (Metallica) * GoldenHorde
andaleti * Black Rose Immortal

Grandas * Garuda

Eliana * Infinite_Horizion

Lodian * SeaLegion
Drysyn * RoyalMail
Br00nX * TropaDeElite

Gerritsen * ImperioEspanol

CaptRed * RedsRenegades

Troublemaker * DutchCourage

casey * casey
adding more - Target 101 Vouch *draft*

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FUWOM® Senate Council
* Not Yet Appointed *

List Of Trusted FUWOM® Brokers
  • ServicioCompleto
  • Red-Haired-Shanks
  • Morlan

 ** Only this name should be referred, even a slight changes of it might be a scammers
( eg. ServicioCompleto2 << Scammers ) So, do please see the name carefully.

Procedures of Applying as FUWOM® Brokers

  • List at least 5 transactions that occured before with buyers & owners name , transaction value & how it been done. ( Bonus with Screenshot )
  • List at least 5 recommended Seniors or High Level Players on your great effort of being 3rd party Brokers
  • Declare your Main Character , Facebook & YM id 
  • * 1 week Approval *

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List of Case-Sensitive ( Scammers ) Name
  • ValerianaObligado
  • meisterjun
  • Slydealer
  • VincentStorm
** Still, this is the list of previous names of some scammers in town. Most probably their accounts have already been frozen by Netmarble Management.. but as fast as the accounts are frozen, new ones have already been made, so just use trusted brokers or trade others items similar to it. You might want to think about not using full ducats on any transactions amounting more than 100 million. Got any other name? Email to me bebeh xD.

List of Great ShipBuilders in Town
  • thebulk
  • NanoVaisseau
  • Virtuosi
  • Aiden/Suzanne
  • CaptRed
  • Axelian
  • shark
  • Bk
  • Belka

Post on RoyalMail for Any Suggestion

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  1. Bonny get mad with me once time when i told her that everytime i saw GM , they kicks players out the server :(

  2. Just traded with Red-Haired-Shanks, he's a honest man.

  3. Coolio!! it getting more interesting in here...keep it up a good work!!!

  4. Just sold an CLR to Red-Haired-Shanks, thumps up for profesniloisme and honstiy

  5. so what does the acryonm stand for??

  6. ha3... shanks, malaysian proud of u bebeh!! XD

  7. I would recommend Red-Haired-Shanks as a broker. I did a 650m ducats trade for a CLR and Red-Haired-Shanks brokered the deal.

    Thanks again

    Marrio fat Seville ship trader

  8. If i could i would kick those guys in the face cause they offer lame money for people that lack information. If u dont have contacts to keep u inside market prices, dont deal with em or they cheat u.