Wednesday, 7 December 2011

5 Best Nation SwordMaster in Actions !!

Guys, sorry for the delay! I have been on almost a week holiday with my family in another town. But I am inspired by a very strange idea lately.. How is it strange? Have you ever watch "Games of Thrones"? Yeah, I think it is the best TV series this season.. It is about a political civil war between 7 regions in old fashioned century. The best part? Of course the shiny, gleaming, mystical swords and dragon myths :P

Talking about swords.. the story started when I was looking at the skill stats rank. Oh no.. I need a lot of proficiencies to rank up my skills before I can get to the SwordMaster Job !!! ..... but if i can get that Master Job now, I can easily get all that as favored skills. All the easier to make all the related skills rank up. Favored skill? What did that even mean? Always new terms to get your head spinning, eh?

Swordmaster quest - London; Pride of swordsman
Requirement :Swordmastery R8 - English -30k Battle Fame - Lvl 40 mt. - no pre req

The stars at the expert skill show SwordMaster favored skill. These stars will shine when we get any specialized jobs that include all those favored skills we want.. The good thing is that the favored skills help you to gain more points with low proficiency. For example, to increase SwordPlay Skill Rank 4 (they are represented as R4.. so get use to more shortforms like TGGAT, MFRS , MFCV to Rank 5 (R5), needs 2500 Proficiency. But if SwordPlay is a favored skill, then it will require only 1500 Proficiency to achieve, more time saving.. Got it?

So, what do I do now? Talk to any hot chick that got "SwordMaster" job of course!! lol.. 
What ?! Yeah, the hot chick is a MUST wahahahah !!!

My friend , Mileena landed herself the master job. So, after a few discussions ( yes, please use +5 Persuasion Items against all hot chicks :P ), I followed her to the maritime guild and leeched her with other 3 members. By doing this, the SwordMaster Job Quest Unlocked !!

 By the way, you might want to fleet with 4 others because the enemies are quite tough and a huge number at that. If you get a full fleet then it will be a more fair deal in the duels !! And the most interesting part is that we managed to gather members from 5 different nations; with a sip of blood from swords and we are all now sworn to brotherhood until the end !! 

** The 5 Best Nations SwordMasters **

Between the waves of the raging sea
echoes of warcries and battle hymns
the underworld's armies found their ancient queen
the funeral march in the depths of the abyss

The terror which strikes the honor which prays
will be face to face in the mortal crusade
Resist my fierce soldiers their vision can kill
it will test your courage... and your will to live

I'll avenge all those cries I will rise to the sky
to defend mother life...
Ride... die... sacrifice!

 Ahh.. too much watching " Games of Thrones "  ... lol :P

So the news from city was true ..  on our best lookout, we found the enemy waiting as if sensing our presence there. Bravely, we stepped forward and faced them all, commanded them to surrender! But no sire, defeat were not in their blood! They were the master in the game, fearly known as the 5 Royal Ancient Tygerian Dragon Guards .. No coward word they carried in their long cursed massacre life .. As a master face another, we were looking eye on eye

..  and when the time came so silently , only a gust of wind on our faces  ...

Battousai shouted, " For Brotherhood !!!!! "

And then the most fearsome battle engaged !! Couldn't even think for a second, all my best skills were bursting rapidly unstoppable ..  Just the sound of slashing swords , and blood dripped as each master pierced one another .. And we faced them, fearless of the Swordmaster, proud to be in the best swords fight ever !!

Nearing the peak ending, I stabbed the leader on the chest after slashing his knees and wrist with my critical blows " The 10,000 Swords Flower " !!

For a SwordMaster, to end their life in battle is an honour.

As they fall, I could see them still smiling. Even in the end it was a lost to them, but when the battle commenced, their heart were racing again, as the best duels of their life happened again. It was a great feeling bestowed upon only the best swordmaster. 

It was a glorious victory !! Thanks again to all members of the brotherhood; Battousai, kaylass, Romanovska and Mileena for this cool quest.
Mileena, did you purposely posed for the picture somehow ??!! lol :P
Back to London bebeh !! xD

And yeah, here i am, with my new-late-delayed-post-blog Master Job, The SwordMaster with low skills and beaten by the girl on the London Bridge . WHAT !!! uhh ~

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