Tuesday, 20 December 2011

All u need to know about sails in UWO !!

Ahoy! Today we have a special appearance from my nakama, MissSmithyChee! She has this awesome tutorial on Horizontal Sail versus Vertical Sail.

Sail away, Chee!


Vertical Sail VS Horizontal Sail

Most people have different opinions about this. But did they really know how it works?

Using this chance given by Red-Haired-Shanks, I will give some sailing tutorial based on my experience in Uncharted Waters Online and a few other Sailing MMOG. It might not be accurate, but I hope everyone will get the big picture about how your sail work.

Before I start explaining on how sail works, I want to explain about the wind first. Sometimes we feel, wherever we go, we keep having headwind just like the wind really hate us. The truth is, in Uncharted Waters Online, we have 2 wind seasons (summer and winter).

here, I would suggest to all UWO players to download GVO Navi program (use google, it will show on the 1st list) or at least download the map provided by ipewannasay in Netmarble Forum using this GVO-Mediafire-link   <<< Click There xD.

Those maps will have 2 most wind directions as your reference. It might change around 30 degree left or right from it, so be aware and don’t blame this map wind direction as a mistake. Still, your experience is also the best teacher. So use it as your reference only.

Now I will start explaining about sail :)

1.     Vertical Sail

The game has already mentioned in the beginner school quest that vertical sail is good on headwind. But did you know that vertical sail is also bad on tailwind? I won’t say Vertical Sail is good on headwind, but I prefer to say it is really good on side wind.

I hope everyone can understand my drawing >.<

So, using the clock direction, avoid headwind from 11.00 to 1.00, and avoid tailwind from 5.00 to 7.00.

When you sail in the red direction, your sail might lose around 10% of your true sail speed. I don’t know exactly the penalty given by this game, it is just my estimation.

2.    Horizontal Sail (Square Sail)

I believe everyone have already experienced how fast we are when sailing using horizontal sail. But really hate it when we get headwind. Hmm.. who didn’t? :)

Penalty given on headwind using horizontal sail might reach 30%. Before you say “Impossible!” because your ship has never reached penalty up to 30% of your speed when using horizontal sail, be patient please, I will explain the big picture in no.3 :)

What is the most advantageous when using horizontal sail is on tailwind. I can estimate that you can get bonus around 10% on speed.

It looks like the red area is so big, yes it is. I will use clock direction again. Using Horizontal sail, you have to avoid headwind coming from 10.00 to 2.00. I don’t need to explain how big is the area for tailwind most favoured, because I believe you are already happy to sail on “normal speed”.

3. Horizontal Sail + Vertical Sail

Here we go about the big picture I mentioned before.

As you have already noticed, all ships have vertical points and horizontal points.
Before I answer that, how about if we combine those 2 pictures into 1? What is the result?


Now we can forget about the green area, because that area is the speed area, you don’t have to worry for the wind coming from those direction.

But now why did I put yellow area on it?

As I’ve explained before, when using square sail, you will be faced with a bigger area to avoid, and your speed will be reduced to 30%. But, if your vertical sail is bigger than 30% of your square sail, then your vertical sail will take place here. And remember, your vertical sail doesn’t have the penalty on yellow area.

How about the headwind in red area? It also works in the same way. Penalty for square sail reaches 30%, whilefor your vertical sail only 10%, now use your calculator. The biggest number will take place.

Now, have you decided yet which sail is the best?

Well, this is how I use my sail. Before I start sailing, I’ll check all wind directions I will find on may way to destination using map in GVO Navi. Then, I try to set course best for horizontal sail. Normally, I will use large extra sprit in my special equipment. But sometimes, you can’t avoid to face headwind no matter how you’ve tried to set the best course. If I encounter this difficulty, I will use large extra spanker to replace my large extra sprit. This way, I still can sail fast on headwind.

So in my opinion, decide your destination, routes and sail or even refit your ship, if possible, before you start your voyage.
I hope my explanation will help. I know it’s not perfect or even accurate. I would be happy if someone could help me fix some error in it ^^

Red! Thank you! ^^

- MissSmithyChee -


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  2. How long does a wind season last?