Thursday, 5 January 2012

Kraken Rocks the Ship!!

My company mates were visited by non other than the FEARSOME KRAKEN !! Battousai was just returning from a great training session from South America and Indonesia (yes, he sailed all around the world from Europe to there), learning Rank 2 techs.Some friends were around, so he decided to return with them.

 Little did he knew that his skill will further be tested by the kraken visit !


OMG! Just look at that HUGH kraken! Don't eat 'em !!!

Battousai :

"As my last test of skills, a kraken appeared in front of my ship !
However it was no match for my new battle moves! "


SSPLAAAAAATTT !! There you go , we had splendid Takoyaki Kraken Cuisine for dinner at ship's deck YUMMY !! xD

credit to Battousai @ Mr Kenshin Himura

1 comment:

  1. My First and Last I hope with this Kraken was in my way to return to Seville from Jakarta
    I was surprised by its freaky shape but it was good at last
    but I couldn`t slay him in two pieces